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Introducing the Punch® Bronx™ Bundle!

Revamp your home gym with the Punch® Bronx™ Bundle – the perfect duo for top-notch boxing workouts:

  1. Bronx™ White Bag Gloves – Elevate your cardio and fitness boxing game with these gloves. They offer the ultimate comfort and durability, designed for light workouts. Crafted from synthetic leather, they provide an ideal hand fit equivalent to a 12oz sized boxing glove. [Bronx™ White Bag Gloves]

  2. Bronx™ Focus Pads – Take your training to the next level with these ergonomic focus pads, tailored for personal fitness or light recreational use. Crafted from high-grade enduro 35 synthetic leather, they offer unbeatable durability without breaking the bank. The curved face ensures effortless punch-catching, making your workouts more effective. [Bronx™ Focus Pads]

Elevate your boxing skills and achieve your fitness goals with the Punch® Bronx™ Bundle. This exclusive online offer is your ticket to a more powerful punch. Get your bundle today!


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