The "Home Gym Bundle w/ Bracket" is your ideal choice for a compact and versatile boxing setup at home. This bundle combines essential equipment with a commercial-grade bracket, perfect for beginners and fitness enthusiasts.

Bronx Focus Pads: Lightweight and ergonomically designed, these focus pads are great for improving precision and coordination in your punches.

White Bronx Boxing Gloves: Durable and comfortable, these gloves offer protection for your hands during training, suitable for various skill levels.

Urban Ultimate Garage Gym Boxing Bag (5ft, Empty): A customisable 5ft boxing bag that you can fill as per your preference. Its robust construction is suitable for all types of home workouts.

Urban Boxing Bag Wall Bracket: A commercial-grade, fully-welded bracket providing secure and stable support for your boxing bag, compatible with most wall types.

This bundle is perfect for setting up a functional home gym, offering quality and convenience for your boxing and fitness routines.


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