Xmas Home Gym Kit – White/Red


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Introducing the Punch® Xmas Home Gym Kit!

Upgrade your home gym with our handpicked essentials:

  1. Bronx™ White Bag Gloves – Perfect for light cardio and fitness boxing workouts. Comfortable fit and durable synthetic leather construction. [Bronx™ White Bag Gloves]

  2. Bronx™ Focus Pads – Ideal for personal fitness or light use. Ergonomic design, high-grade enduro 35 synthetic leather, and budget-friendly. [Bronx™ Focus Pads]

  3. Urban™ 5FT Empty Boxing Bag (Red) Revolutionary double-lined heavy casing. Measurements = 150cm x 40cm. [Urban™ 5FT Empty Boxing Bag]

Elevate your training, improve your skills, and achieve your fitness goals with the Punch® Xmas Home Gym Kit. Don’t miss this exclusive online offer. Get your kit today!


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